opkg_download: Check your network settings and connectivity

Hello. There are two routers in my network. The first one with standard tp-link firmware, the second one with openwrt firmware. The second is configured to receive the Internet via a cable from the first. DHCP is disabled. I have the Internet, but I can't install new packages. the command fails due to lack of connection.

Is dns resolution working properly on the openwrt? If you go to the command line and try something like "ping www.google.com", does it resolve the name?

If you're using static addresses (rather than DHCP client), you have to ensure that gateway/ subnet mask and DNS server addresses are configured correctly.


TY for reply, if you mean the command in CMD windows, then yes, it works, the server pings.

I make some changes in lan settings and make a bridge with wan, now cable from 1st router putting in wan of second router and its work correctly

Sorry if my english bad.

Do the test from the Network > Diagnostics page.

You really don't want to bridge lan and wan