Opkg db is gone?

Hi all,
I have gotten myself into a bit of trouble today. I did:

opkg list-upgradable

Saw a ton of packages that needed to be updated so typed in:

opkg list-upgradable |awk -- '{print $1}' |xargs opkg upgrade

...and off we went upgrading packages until it froze and my router stopped passing traffic. I powercycled my router and all went back to normal. I am able to surf, and it seems that everything is OK. Luci still has the functions I expect, like adblock, and OpenVPN, etc.

I then went to see what was left to upgrade and got this result:

root@Schmanimals:~# opkg list-upgradable
root@Schmanimals:~# opkg list-installed

I'm pretty sure this is bad - is there any way to recover my opkg db? I did do a back up right before I tried the above, but restoring didn't resolve the issue.

Just nothing is showing up in opkg via cli nor web interface.

Any suggestions/thoughts, please?

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Opkg database:

  • /usr/lib/opkg - current
  • /rom/usr/lib/opkg - default

The rest is up to you, good luck!

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This is perfect! That's all I need! Thank you.

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Did you try to update your package list?

opkg update

After a reboot, your list of available packages is empty.

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Thank you both!

This is now fixed thanks to your expertise!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


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