Opkg, daemonize


First off, my apologies - I admit, I'm a bit confused by the whole package "picture" (but that's me!). Optware, Entware, Entware-ng, and multiple sources for each ... not sure exactly where to look / turn ... :frowning_face:. By all means, if anyone has a pointer that explains this all - that would be much appreciated!!!

I am trying to install the equivalent of Linux daemon (it seems, through daemonize), but I can't find the place to look to get it for my WNDR3700v3 (MIPS 74k -> mips or mipsel?). Again, any pointers?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts / direction!

what exactly are you trying to accomplish? Let's start from there, and we can see what's supported out of the box :slight_smile:

Works for me! ... :wink:

I have a "service" (socat) up and running - works fine, I connect to it from a remote machine to "transport" the USB serial port traffic to another machine (all working great). But ... socat exits when the remote end disconnects, so I need to have it auto-restart to be ready for the next connection. I have used daemon on other machines (Linux), and it works perfectly -> restarts socat when it exits.



If you look at files in /etc/init.d/ they are a good example how to create a (usually) PROCD-compatible init script for services which stay in memory and are auto-restarted if died.

There's also a wiki on PROCD-compatible scripts.

Will dig into this, thanks!