Opinions on GL-iNET-GL-MT300N-V2 for OpenWrt

Hi Guys

What are your thoughts on this device? https://www.amazon.com/GL-iNET-GL-MT300N-V2-Repeater-300Mbps-Performance/dp/B073TSK26W/

Anyone here use one? The reviews seem mixed.

Have been using one while recently away in Hotel. Solid performance in router mode with usb teathering to my android phone (to avoid capture portals due to time constraints). Gl-INET frontend makes it very easy to setup Wireguard and OpenVPN and turn them on/off. Its not dual band device. Only in last few days have I gone into Openwrt. It comes with closed source wireless driver so no tinkering with that. There is an opensource driver in the Openwrt download 19.07.2 but you lose the GL-INET frontend.

Yeah I’m not interested in using their frontend.

I’d want to install “clean” openWRT on it.

So you’re telling me I’ll lose the onboard WiFi if I do this?

No. If you download the latest Openwrt from Openwrt site you will get an opensource driver that you can adjust. It's said that the opesource driver is not as stable. The firmware from GL site is closed sourced driver .I have tried opensource driver and found no problems but was only using it for 1-2hrs. Even when you brick it , its very easy to recover.

I have used loads of them for clients building an 80211s mesh with encryption. I have been using imagebuilder from a recent snapshot to make a custom image and found it very reliable.

The open source driver is now quite mature. Back when OpenWrt 18.06.x first came out, it was almost unusable, all fixed now, but I guess this is where the bad comments have originated from.

The wifi is very good and the receiver does seem quite sensitive resulting in a greater range than using the oem firmware.

For my application, the cpu/open-source-wireless copes very well with an encrypted mesh running at the same time as encrypted access point, on the same radio - far better than I expected with a single radio.

For doing your own thing, I would very much recommend these, the 16MB flash and 128MB ram giving lots of headroom.

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