Operate OpenWRT as DNS Server

Already disabled DHCP on the FritzBox and using the one from a while ago when it started working.

I also tried to set following DHCP options, still using fritz as dns server (...1 is my openWRT router):

Apologies if I'm a laggard, but I'm not keeping up. I thought the intention was to use the FRITZ!box as the router (and possibly DHCP server) and hand off DNS duties to OpenWRT, to which my suggestion was: if you can't configure DHCP Option 6 on the FB's DHCP server instance, then consider using OpenWRT for all of it.

The old "picture paints a thousand words" aphorism possibly applies here, so here's a shoddy diagram (see my profile) of what I had in mind:

Those IP addresses are only representative, not mandatory, but they should illustrate the concept.

exactly, it is how you draw the picture.

However, I just noticed that the FritzBox had some IPv6 setting on where it was acting as a IPv6 DHCP Server. So, I changed this, started from scratch with the router and it's again working. Lets see for how long this time. Also, I introduced the changes step by step and I mad backups in between, so I can jump back at any time now. :slight_smile:

Quite Happy, that I was able to do this today, last final for the semester of my wife and after that she slept the whole day, so no complaining about no wifi. :slight_smile:

Excellent! Congratulations on getting it working.

"The change is so simple it can't possibly be wrong!"

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