OpenWrtDocker Image - add NICs


i am a noobie guy that are try to learn something in whit linux and openwrt in general.

I have an x86 pc whit 4 phisical NIC and asus ac88 ac wifi, whit ubuntu server (i can switch if you suggest me).

I would install a docker openWRT image as per guide found here

I have follow and read lot of guides, but it's not clear for me how to add all my nics eth0 eth1 eth2 eth3 and wlan as per exclusive use of openwrt doker installation.
Seems that is not possible whit docker and can be possible whit LXC.

I thinks that it's a common issue... how to you have solved it?

There are some security concern that i need to consider in can of further docker installation like for example "ownCloud"?
From openWrt docker installation is possible to manage the network/route/ip of other docker installations? There are some limitation?

I have opened this thread like a diary to share me experience and help all newbie guys like me :slight_smile:


i have found a way:

ip link set eno4 netns 8332

were eno4 is the NIC and 8332 is the PID of process found whit docker inspect --format='{{ .State.Pid }}' $container

and check it in the docker container
docker exec openwrt ip link show eno4

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