OpenWRT3200acm - combining two partitions into one

Im using a WRT320ACM with OpenWRT installed on both partitions. One of the partitions is supposed to be a backup to stock firmware.

Could I somehow combine those two partitions into one. It does not really fit my needs to have 1/2 of storage capacity doing nothing. If I want to go back to stock firm, I will do it differently.


Everything is technically possible, to some extent, but very much not recommended (it comes with quite some risk to hard-brick the device and you'd have to both patch the source and update your own build forever). If you really need more than 34 MB space (and that would require quite some trying to fill up), take a USB stick and look into extroot - or add a harddisk.

Actually 74MB on the rango. Conceptually I would say the partition scheme is more oriented towards having a fail-safe mechanism whereby you can return easily to the last good image, or perhaps experimenting with builds offering different feature sets.