Openwrt Yun official image latest - first questions

what port is ssh/luci enabled on, how is single ethernet configured?

do I need to make sure to have yunserialterminal loaded on the arduino side first?

will upgrade work from web panel or is it best to do it from yunserialterminal ?

does the arduino usb port work ok for loading sketches (having some problems with ledeyun not sure if that is ubuntu fault as worked from raspbian but at same time raspbian was not firewalled where ubuntu was and had access to yun ethernet port where ubuntu did not due to firewall, and so a maybe feature of the yun that it needs access to openwrt to work when programming the yun ???)

I think all I need is the bridge library working, none of the arduino web panel stuff.

I mean the yun is still a great board if it can be used to segregate a section of esp8266 wifi for iot from your orange/blue lan whilst also offering some local 5v arduino hardware functionality like say motion detector, audio detector, assorted sensors, neopixels etc.

Assuming that this is a supported Yun board and not the "Linino" project built on top of OpenWrt

If those directions don't help or seem to contradict what you're seeing, you'll likely need to work with the Arduino resources, such as

  • SSH - 22/tcp (there should be no password for initial login)
  • LuCI - 80/tcp (if by "latest" - you mean 18.06.4 then there is a GUI, if you mean snapshot, the web GUI is not built in)
  • A single Ethernet is setup as LAN, at - with a DHCP server running, issuing IPs between -

Thanks, the upgrade went smoothly as far as the openwrt side is concerned using sysupgrade from the yun serial terminal, however getting the arduino to talk to the atheros is now not working, think I should have looked what services were up on ledeyun in more detail...

I can see bridge is not installed, but something else probably needed to talk between arduino and atheros using the arduino SERIAL_PORT_HARDWARE class. I kind of remember seeing something about a patch for setting baud rate or something.

Its now a case of what bits do you actually minimalistically need out of all the stuff in arduino lede-yun, uhttpd is now much smaller without all the arduino specific stuff and the atheros cpu is 99% idle and a lot more free memory which an improvement on ledeyun.