OpenWrt + Xiaomi Redmi AC2100


I've ordered this router on internet a few minutes ago, and I'm planning to use it as a replacement of the one that my internet supplier (O2, Spain) gave me.

The thing is that I want to install OpenWrt on it to be able to use advanced configuration, and also use the parental control features (my daughter is addicted to internet), and a web interface in English (f**k Xiaomi !), but I have some fears:

  • Is the latest version 21.02.1 stable enough ? Or should I use v19.x instead ? I've read that there are some reboots on v21 in "some" cases, and also loss of wifi speed in some others.

  • The coverage is almost as good as with the stock firmware? I'm asking also if OpenWrt works with BeamForming ?

I don't want to crash my head into some wall until it works, I only want it to work and then, not touch nor update it anymore, so I could keep working, gaming, and enjoying life the best I can do...

Thanks in advance folks, for all your reading and have a great new year (I should have said "the best possible new year" given the circumstances).