OpenWRT x86-64 running on AWS

Thank you. I will try also development squashfs and let you know

I've tried both squashfs and ext4 image on a normal PC and they both work fine, OpenWrt boots and I get to the console.

Maybe it's an Amazon thing, maybe they don't like the non-standard filesystems used in an OpenWrt squashfs image (either with their infrastructure or their drivers)

well, stable snapshot with kernel 4 doesn't work in neither ext4 nor squashfs.
Development snapshot with kernel 5 works well with both filesystems. So it looks like there are some more features missing in kernel 4, which are in 5.

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I'm not skilled enough to troubleshoot why this does not work, it should work though as the driver was merged in kernel 4.6 and we have kernel 4.14.

So that at least we know it works with latest OpenWrt I can submit a PR (so that future OpenWrt will have this).

And I can also make a firmware image with all packages you want to install already integrated. Just give me a list of all packages you want and I'll add them to the image and give you a download link for a "full fat" image. So you can at least do your research project while we wait for the next OpenWrt stable release.

ok, mirik sent his package list with a private message and I created the image

download link

You can see the current package list in the file "openwrt-x86-64-generic.manifest" in the zip file.

While it is a development snapshot and will have the limitations discussed above it should still let you install packages that don't need a specific kernel version to work, so you can still customize your "OpenWrt on AWS" quite a bit.

If someone else needs more packages included, send me a private message and I can add them.

Will post the link to the PR in a bit so you can see/follow it on Github.

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created PR on Github, you can follow progress of the contribution here


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