OpenWRT X86-64, need better logging suggestions

I'm looking for some input to get better logging on OpenWRT X86 implementations. I've tried setting the firewall to "reject" and then enabled logging on the WAN interface, but this just provides very basic raw logs and spams the console with every packet that gets rejected by a firewall rule.

Is there a logviewer app or plugin available for X86 implementations that people can recommend? Storage and processing power overhead are not a concern for me in this case. I'm looking for someone that would be closer to the log capabilities of some other open source firewall distros.

You can relay the logs to a local syslog server.

I was hoping for something more integrated and not have to host a second system just for logging. Is there a LUCI based logging addon, or another third party addon that is popular here?

what do you really mean by this?

logging is logging... what exactly is "better logging"?

rsyslog and syslog-ng are available for installing, but I have no idea if/ how well they are integrated into luci or how well they work on OpenWrt at all (but they should allow a lot of options via configuration).

For my personal use case, I both need the logs to end up elsewhere (trying to debug crashes/ instabilities), leaving only remote logging and/ or serial console access as options and don't have persistent storage that would take constant write access lightly on the target device running OpenWrt anyways.

I'm looking for something that would easily let me parse realtime logs within the LUCI interface. Similar to what pfSense or another distro will do.

From what I'm reading, I think the syslog-based implementations will just ship logs elsewhere and I'll still need to parse them out. Whereas I was hoping for something that was pre-configured for OpenWRT that would show something like Firewall Log, DHCP Log, NTP logging, etc. The more I am looking around I'm not sure this exists yet on OpenWRT?

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it exists via the daemons listed above... just not via luci...

that said... a simple luci-app-command script that does;

logread -e "${1}"

would pretty much do what you are asking...

Thank you both for the responses. And apologies for the question phrasing, I'm still new to OpenWRT so not quite sure of all the lingo.

To give an example, I wanted to setup some graphing and have this be persistent on reboots. So I was searching the LUCI software catalog for something like "graph" or "RRD". The app I actually needed was 'luci-app-statistics' and then a bunch of addon modules to enable graphing of various components. So I was then wondering if there was a similar 'luci-app-firewall-log' or some such item that was used here.