OpenWrt x86_64 LAN Port DHCP Server "Ignore interface" option

Hi everybody.
In a typical OpenWrt x86 router setup, according to any Ethernet LAN port, should I keep the "Ignore interface" option under "DHCP Server" tab checked or not?
It may be helpful to say that networking seems working OK with both options (checked or not)

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If you have multiple NICs on this router (I would assume so), than they should be linked into a bridge. This bridge will have the DHCP server. Keep one NIC for the WAN

Thank you very much for your prompt reply.

I have 3 NICs with 2 of them linked under the br-lan indeed.

So, do you mean that I should keep the option checked i.e. force LAN port to "Ignore interface"? (Sorry that I sorry if I become tedious but I am rather novice in router firmware)

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I was mislead by the name of the interface : ETHERNET0 which may lead to think to a NIC. Rename it LAN, it's much clearer. Attach 2 NICs and keep the 3rd one for the WAN interface.

Yes you may use the DHCP attached to the interface, nothing more. You can customize it of course.

If uncheck, your devices attached to LAN have received an IP by DHCP, so networking is fine. If you check, devices still have an IP, and so network seems ok ... until you'll reboot : no more IP.

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