OpenWrt --> X131e?

Greetings and Salutations,

Has anyone tried to run OpenWrt on the X131e? You can buy them used ~$60USD (+shipping) on Ebay (chromebook variant) or $100-150USD for i3 versions. Asking for a friend.



  • Cheap!

  • Smaller than a regular laptop / 11.6”

  • It has dual USB 3.0

  • Thunderbolt interface

  • 10/100/1000 NIC

  • WNIC

  • Lower powered celeron (or i3 / i5 for the more adventurous).

  • Similar power consumption to an underclocked fanless x86 solution (10-30 watts).

  • Cheaper on a low end X131e ($50-60USD) than a kitted out rPi4?

  • Cheaper on a low end X131e ($50-60USD)than a fanless x86 solution.

Million Dollar Question:

Will the cheap celeron variants do 1Gbps throughput running OpenWrt?


have not tried openwrt... but picked one of these up off a friend recently...

beware the bios... alot of these are password locked as they were issued to students and require 'zapping' (temporarily shorting the eeprom) to override for usb boot (most bios settings)...

(not super hard... not super easy either)

otherwise really like the build quality on it... and also beware the proprietary dc connection... no OEM connector/brick = no battery charging...

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