Openwrt wrt3200acm behind Pfsense

I want to set up my wrt3200acm router after a Pfsense box. After reading many documents on setting it up, it comes to my attention that it is not plug in and play. Could someone please help me understand how I could set it up to be able to use the switch and the the wifi on the router.

Can you show us these documents?

Everything you described (so far) works out of the box. Unless you want to configure something complex, you should just be able to plug it in. WiFi is the only thing that commonly needs to be enabled.



How would I add the Wan port to the switch for use?

Am I correct in assuming you want pfSense to be the router and the WRT3200ACM as the WiFi broadcaster? If yes, then, when you install OpenWrt, you set up the WRT4200ACM as an Access Point. You won’t use the WAN connection because it’s no longer acting as a router - pfSense is going to do that. You just plug into a LAN port on your WRT3200ACM from your pfSense box.

hi this is my first post here. i came across this thread and Ive been using pfsense and openwrt for yrs. works like a charm too but you want to use the pfsense for all your services and openwrt as a AP just the only thing I could not get to work is qos on pfsense box so i installed sqm on the ap smooth very smooth. I have spectrum gateway to pfsense r210 dell to a sg300 cisco seitch to a wrt32x openwrt with routed vlans. all works like a dream.

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It is described in the same page and there are 3 options, depending on the device.

I have been able to get the internet to work but then I cannot access the openwrt ap router it times out, it's ip becomes unaccessible, any ideas

uci show network ; uci show wireless ; uci show firewall ; uci show dhcp
In preformatted text please </>

Cannot access wrt3200acm router after ap dumb config, neither by browser or ssh for the logs, will have to reboot the router again.

Update, I was able to get it to work, I was adding a new ip set, once I understood the the config requirement, it started working. The only problem now is that the update list is not available.

Thanks to all for the help