OpenWrt with wireguard losing connection every 30 minutes only reboot saves it

i have openwrt router usin wireguard server, it loses connection anytime im downloading or using big speed, the solution is only reboot, cannot access SSH, cannot access nothing, ping return nothing, only have access to keyboard and monitor via local monitor, no lan working, no wireless working, just vga and keyboard, how can i retrieve logs in local ssh to see what is happening, what is the possible solution for it? added a cron for wireguard_watchdog cause i tought it was the wireguard connection going down, and as i have killswitch you know ... but it seems it is not the case...

Does this only happen under high load, or does it happen every 30 minutes? These would be two different scenarios.

apparently only under high network load i tried a readlog or logread command and nothing weird i see just cannot enter to ssh and ip ping lose connection, it is weird, if you need cat command willl send it , if you remember me what are cause i forgot ... it is something like cat /etc/network/