OpenWrt with VPN problem with Netflix on AppleTV and tvOS


I've recently set up an OpenWRT router with OpenVPN to use it for Netflix US, router and OpenVPN work properly but I can't get Netflix to work on AppleTV and tvOS.
I'm using NordVPN, I've checked the config and it is not blocked by Netflix.
The weirdest thing of it all is when I connect my Mac directly to the router via ETHERNET Netflix US works but when connected to either of above-mentioned devices, It gives me a message that I'm using and unblocker or proxy.

Did anyone had this problem?

if it works by ethernet, it should work by wireless, too. Post your config files:
and your openvpn client config file, too (possibly in /etc/config/openvpn or /etc/openvpn/).

I think you’ve misunderstood me everything is connected via Ethernet.
I’ll post configurations later

Implied here was that clients connected via wifi do not work (since you put "ETHERNET" in all caps).

Does Netflix on your Mac work when connected via wifi?

Pretty strange. Usually, accessing Netflix with VPN isn't complicated. I, for one, have a torrent vpn which I also use to watch series. Maybe I'm lucky or a client I use is good but I've never faced such a problem.