OpenWrt with Raspberry Pi 3B+

Hi all, I've installed OpenWrt (18.06.4) in Raspberry Pi 3B+. it's working fine.internet also working. I've logged in through ssh. but here my problem is the Ethernet led is not working.
I need visual communication here to see, is it network connection there or not?

thanks in advance.

@mallesh, welcome to the community!

I'm guessing this means how to configure the LEDs?

Some LEDs (on some devices) can be configured in /etc/config/system


Hi, I already went through that link but no use but I've observed that when I'm going through the Snapshot version on Raspberry Pi then that time Ethernet led is blinking but not in 18.06.4

Hi, @lleachii I've already followed that link but I didn't see any result. but I've observed that when I've flashed Snapshot version in Raspberry Pi then that time the Ethernet led is blinking.but not in 18.06.4 version. I don't know is this any kernel issue or not.
could you give any suggestions
Thanks in advance.