Openwrt with client mode

hi there
i have about 800 m area i need to cover it with wifi but in this case i use client mode
so what i do :

  • A - wireless

1 - i use unifi ac mesh in this area as main ap these ap point get 2 wireless interfaces first is for guest and the second for is for client mode
2- in guest side i use cheap router like tplink archer c20 v4 this router have 2 interfaces thi first is sta mode its connect to second interface in main ap the second interface is ap mode for guest

  • the guest interfaces in ap and client mode have same ssid but .

3- in main ap for first interface i use channel 11 , for second interface i use channel 9

4- for guest side in second interface i use channel 9

-B- network

in network side i use pfsense for gateway
gateway ip :
dhcp start
dhcp end
i use local bind dns server with ip

openwrt network

1- in main ap i use static ip address with this range
gateway is ip of pfsense
dns is my local bind dns server ip
in dhcp i disable lan interface and enable dnsmasq in it
disable firewall
2- in client mode the same configuration .

what you think about this configuration ? is it work for big area and with big number of guest

*i test this config in small area they work fine .


Hardware requires that all the interfaces that are on one radio must use the same channel.

Dual band routers are often used with one radio (usually 5 GHz) dedicated to the "backhaul" links to a main router, and the other radio serving users as an AP.

Since you have a main router doing firewall, etc, the APs should be operated in a "dumb" configuration as network bridges. However, in the interest of security there should be a separate network for the administration of routers. The public should only be able to see and interact with the firewall.

thank you for your reply , but can u explain one things '' all the interfaces that are on one radio must use the same channel. '' do you mean if i have 2 wireless interface for radio0 these 2 interfaces should use same channel ??

i test it with dump mode i get some problem with old device they didn't resolve request . so i enable dnsmasq its solved this problem .

The channel selection is a setting at the radio level, not per interface. All interfaces on radio0 (or radio1, etc) will operate on the same channel. This is because the radio hardware can only operate on one channel at a time.

In the system you are building, your public clients' DHCP and DNS requests should be being served by the system-wide server(s), not any of the OpenWrt routers.

I have also done it by locally routing at each AP, having all the clients of each AP NAT into one IP that is allocated for that AP on the backbone network. This is more extensible because you can reuse IP ranges and have less going on within the backhaul links (no DHCP traffic) and slightly less demand on the main router. On the other hand, it won't work well if the clients move around frequently.

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