OpenWrt with Captive Portal and Webserver on Fritzbox 4040

I teach addiction prevention at various schools. I use online questionnaires (limesurvey). Since at many schools the students do not have access to the internet, I would like to provide these questionnaires on a local server. So far I have done this with a Fritzbox and a Raspberry Pi. But the registration process is very complicated. The students first have to connect to the Wifi and then enter the IP address manually. The error rate is very high and it takes very long. I now want to implement a captive portal and a web server on a Fritzbox 4040, so that the students are directed directly to the survey page after connecting to the wifi. Unfortunately I can't get php and mysql to work, nor does the captive portal work correctly. Unfortunately I have not found any howtos for php7.* and mariadb.

Help me please.


I sent you PM. Assuming, you know German :slight_smile:

For commercial use, only commercial support :slight_smile: