Openwrt with ADGuard DNS over TLS

i have sucessfully setup unbound on my Openwrt box and at the moment i use cloudflare DNS servers.
Now i want to try to use ADGuard DoT servers but i cannot find a way to get this working.
According to this link and i tried the differnet combinations but it doesnt seems to help.
The ADGuard support wrote that i should put tls:// to the unbound_ext.conf file.
But this doenst follow the syntax.
Anyway to get this to work ?

noone an idea ?

man unbound.conf

That works for me (unbound 1.9.1):


  name: "."
  forward-tls-upstream: yes
  forward-first: yes

num-threads: 4
verbosity: 1
prefetch: yes
prefetch-key: yes
tls-upstream: yes
tls-service-pem: /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt

I don't use stubby & friends - just unbound. Of course you could configure the family shield server and/or IPv6 as well.

I cannot get this to work

Tue Mar 19 10:55:10 2019 daemon.err unbound: [1405:0] error: ssl handshake failed crypto error:14090086:lib(20):func(144):reason(134)
Tue Mar 19 10:55:10 2019 daemon.notice unbound: [1405:0] notice: ssl handshake failed port 853

Well, which unbound version did you use?

i'm using unbound 1.9.1-1
Maybe i'm missing some required packages ?

I'm using the latest OpenWrt snapshots which are include openssl 1.1.1b ... I think OpenWrt 18.x is still on openssl 1.0.x - most probably it's related to that, but I'm no crypto expert.

I'm using these unbound packages:

> opkg list-installed | grep unbound
libunbound - 1.9.1-1
luci-app-unbound - git-19.069.61084-db98461-1
unbound - 1.9.1-1
unbound-control - 1.9.1-1

maybe thats the culprit.
Any way to update openssl to 1.1.1b on Stable 18.06.2 ?

ok .. i answer myself :grinning:

I made an upgrade to latest snapshot, reinstalled all needed packages and configured @dibdot 's config and VOILA it works :+1:

One ore question about snapshots.
Is it possible to update packages with opkg like with stable variant ? Because i think i read somewhere that when an new snapshot is out opkg updates dont work anymore for installed snapshot.

Upgrade shouldn't be used on a normal basis; but to answer your question, software should work the same.

A warning, though: upgrading software in a snapshot is even more dangerous, since the stability between software and the kernels are changing constantly.

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so its better to completely upgrade to a newer snapshot ?

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If you are using snapshots for production routers, then yes.

You would:

  • Download new snapshot
  • Sysupgrade
  • Reinstall any needed packages
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ok ... thanks

One more question: Is there a kind of changelog for snapshots ?

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