OpenWrt + Wireless Modems and Wireless AC current Sensor

Is there any sample available which help me to read the data frame of wireless AC current sensor received by the wireless modem, which is connected with the USB port of my laptop. I am working on some Custom project for Environment monitoring system application.

After searching a lot, I found openwrt much useful, Any suggestion for making the process work will be really grateful.

Why don't you just take the easiest solution (from the page you linked):

we offer a Wireless receiver that operates over ethernet. Data from NCD sensors will appear over TCP/IP on port 2101. Simply open a TCP/IP socket, port 2101, to the IP address of the Ethernet modem and see your data stream in to your local area network.

No idea why this is even an OpenWrt question. If you're reading with the modem, as you probably should, read it through the vendor-supplied "Interface to Raspberry Pi, Microsoft Azure, Arduino and More". If you're trying to read the packets with 802.11 hardware, "Wireless Mesh Networking using DigiMesh®", from a quick search with Google, isn't even on the same band as 802.11 and is "proprietary".