OpenWrt Wireless Freedom to OpenWrt Embedded Freedom

This is just suggestion to make OpenWrt more open to embedded system rather than mere wireless ( GOD knows if it exist after 5G in few years :wink: ) .
Suggestion would be to make site change to OpenWrt Embedded Freedom to get developer that this is all for Embedded systems (Wireless, wired , IOT etc ).

After LEDE, changes are seen to make it more open for all embedded devices than mere wireless.
But this change should hit the cord.
But still this is just suggestion.

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Considering the Name is OpenWrt where I assume W=wireless rt=router and most devices supported are routers or devices that can be used as routers I don't see the point in the change

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No where this expansion of OpenWrt is mentions so it should just work.
After LEDE merger it changed to LEDE but it again restored to OpenWrt as this is already well known
But this is still a good suggestion to cover embedded domain than only wireless