Openwrt wifi tx off

hello i'm using rbm33g board. when ap has no connection to any client.
ap send some signal. Through the spectrum analyzer, we confirmed that the signal is transmitted at the frequency set in the AP's band. I don't want the signal to be transmitted, but I want the AP's wifi to only have a receiving function. However, if I use wifi down, the wifi itself is turned off, so I'm wondering if it's possible to turn off only the tx function of the wifi.

If the access point is not allowed to send then it will not work at all.

You can hide the ESSID so that the Access Point does not advertise itself maybe that is what you want?

You can do that via Luci, enable Hide ESSID

or add: option hidden '1' to the wifi-iface (/etc/config/wireless)

already i'm setting this

need another setting ?

As far as I know that is all you can do, besides disabling the radio

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"We confirmed"?

Spectrum analyzer?

Is this an academic endeavor?

Unless I misunderstand also, altering the function of the radio as you the OP described is more of a regulated/licensed activity.

Are you merely asking how to disable WiFi when not in use?

802.11 requires an AP to beacon for connectivity.

I want to see no signal in the spectrum analyzer when I observe the tx antenna port through the spectrum analyzer. Is it possible to completely turn off the tx signal with the commands already provided? If not, do I need to modify the mac source code to block the tx?

Most normal consumers don't look at [laboratory] spectrum analyzers when using WiFi, so your use case is still rather unclear. I understand you may not wish to elaborate, that's OK.

Nonetheless, you have 2 options:

  1. You can disable the SSID:

Screenshot 2024-04-03 115348


  1. You can disable the radio (this example shows a radio in the OFF configuration):

Screenshot 2024-04-03 115259

I would suggest trying the latter.

No - but that's because you weren't provided any commands to disable the radio. Do you need command line instructions as well?

I'll simply say: "no, this won't work". Again, 802.11 requires a beacon for connectivity, so we're assuming from your posts that you simply wish to disable the radio.

If that assumption is incorrect, please elaborate on your use case in a subsequent post.