OpenWRT WD NAS access from Linux box


I run OpenWRT 21.02.02 on a WD MyBook with a 1Tb HDD.
I used it for a good while (via rsync) as a backup to what gets backed up daily from my main box to a 500gb by Timeshift.

Really very slow throughput and file transfer took ages, it seems that there's a hard limit of ~ 20mb/s even though it is 1000Mb/s full duplex on both ends, this apparently related to the ibm_emac v3.54 driver used in Openwrt vs. the e1000e driver used in my box.

But it sort of worked.
Till one day something went way down south and I lost a boatload of files. 8^/
Something in the very easily misconfigured rsync?
Still hurts when I think of it.

After a few months of sulking and seeing the damn thing sitting on my desk, I have decided that I have to put it to do something useful.

But this time I would like to set it up as a drive I can access from either my linux box or my netbook through the desktop switch to get selected files backed up.

Now, I need something as simple as possible as I don't plan on keeping the drive running unless I need to.
ie: boot the WD-NAS, mount the drive, move files, check the result and shut down till the next time I need access, everything is Linux, no MS stuff.

What would be the best way to do that?

Thanks in advance.



ksmbd maybe?


Yes, it looks good/promising on paper ...
From what I have seen up to now (a couple of threads) it seems a bit raw.
But I'll dig deeper and see what I can do with it.

Thanks for your input.


from my experience, CIFS works the best, whether Windows macOS or Linux. NFS needs more configuration.