OpenWRT w/ HomeAssistant - arp shows MAC address and not Hostname

I'm new to OpenWRT having moved from DD-WRT. So far so good.

However I've tried to setup OpenWRT with HomeAssistant(HA) as a device tracker. But OpenWRT isn't serving HA with hostnames. Instead it's creating each known device as it's MAC address. Which isnt helpful when it comes to device identification. I'm using the Luci component configuration integration.

If I SSH to OpenWrt and run arp, I get a full list of DHCP clients but they are identified by MAC address and not hostname too. When I used to do this on my old DD-WRT router, arp would produce a list of DHCP connected device with their associated hostnames. Which is far more helpful.

I'd originally posted a similar question on the HA community. But didn't receive any responses.

Should arp table displaying as MAC addresses? Is this the correct behaviour and is there a way to change it to provide hostnames, so the HA integration works in a more useful way?

Absolutely. That's what an ARP table is.

Can you run a version of ARP on your HA that resolves the corresponding IPs. I'm lost at why you're asking the question here, if the relevant ARP is from the perspective of the HA.

(BTW, you get hostnames from IP resolution via DNS...perhaps you're seeking lookups against the dnsmasq DHCP cache instead?)