OpenWRT VM in proxmox PPPoE issues - Unknown Error (USER REQUEST)


For Vodafone UK FTTP (openreach) to connect Openwrt to ONT RJ45:

Just used the PAP/CHAP username and password and set 'eth(x)' without the .VLAN-ID.

Openwrt 23.05.3 installed as VM in Proxmox as my main router.
Today I switched from virginmedia broadband to Vodafone fibre with ONT install in premises

Proxmox network interfaces:

enp3s0 + enp4s0 + enp5s0 brdiged ports added to vmbr0 (linux bridge) as LAN, showing up in openwrt as eth0 LAN

enp6s0 added to vmbr1 for WAN, showing up in OpenWRT as eth1 WAN.

With virgin mediahub in modem mode connected to eth1(vmbr1/enp6s0) everything is working absolutely as intended. WAN/LAN all traffic moves correctly.

Just today switched to vodafone fibre, have ONT installed in house. Want to connect Openwrt box direct to ONT wihtout using iSP router.
Have acquired PAP/CHAP username and password from Vodafone and VLAN ID of 101.

in openwrt removed old WAN interface, added new interface type PPPoE, used username and password as supplied but I keep getting the following message:

Unknown error (USER REQUEST) then it changes to connection attempt failed a few seconds later

I cant see why its not working.
I would really appreciate any help or guidance. Thanks

Current workaround to have access to internet from vodafone service is to use their supplied router from ONT feeding into WAN port of OpenWRT.
Everything works but if i disable DHCP on voda router the internet dies so have to leave DHCP enabled and I am double nat.

Which is fine for now as all devices are connected to openwrt VM but soon I will recive my Seagate Exos drives and want to setup a nextcloud instance and It already is a little bit beyond my understanding, this is all al learing project at the end of the day. I dont want to be battling with port forwards and double nats etc when setting up nextcloud/apache web server etc.