OpenWrt video courses

I am not so conformable to linux, openwrt, uci command line configurations

so even if I read some manuals its hard to implement it on practice

but if I can see visually how it is doing someone else on videos

I will learn further things easly

so maybe can someone suggest such video courses or tutorials?? where uci is used not luci
mostly on youtube people use luci

at least I want to see video where .config files configuration for PPTPd
or for strongswan

thank you

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I don't know any video tutorials about uci command line.

But in general:
OpenWrt related configuration files you will find under /etc/config. Other configuraiton files you will find like on every other Linux under /etc directly. E. g. /etc/config/ipsec (strongswan). UCI command line is very well documented:
The only way to understand the syntax is to make practical use. At some point it will make "click". :wink: