OpenWrt using VPN to connect to an external VPN service

Is it possible to add/start VPN within OpenWRT so the just router puts all traffic going to and from the world through an external VPN service.

My thoughts are that all internal devices (PC/Server/etc) will go through the router and the router will send all to a VPN to get to the world and same with traffic coming in. And none of the internal devices need or must have a VPN software or settings.

Having an external user or network VPN into my network is not needed.

If this is available, would the router be a VPN server or a VPN client?

Thoughts or ideas?

This is absolutely possible and it is a common use case. The router would be the VPN client, and you will need a remote VPN endpoint -- typically this is an account with a commercial VPN provider.

See this:

I followed the steps on this page

and it is now working.


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