OpenWrt using pihole on Docker Google access token


After following an instruction to make the latest openwrt use pihole everything seem to work fine until today.
I'm also using rclone to copy some files from local to google drive.
Rclone normally uses a never expiring access token for more then a year.
Today I got an error message that the access token is maybe expired.
Following the instructions to renew the acces token I get the following error.
Failed to configure token: failed to get token: Post "": dial tcp: lookup on server misbehaving.
The instructions I followed to use pihole are here.
I dont want to roll back this change. But maybe someone knows of a forwarding rule to add to make it work?

you can find lots of google hit regarding this error message which means DNS resolution does not work as should. probably your pihole is filtering out *., i don't know pihole that much but try to add it to whitelist. Or better maybe to separate owrt and client DNS setup. restrict only clients, not owrt and apps running on owrt.

OK. I changed the settings of the LAN interface. I added the ipaddress of the pihole server in the advanced options.

So =>Network => Interfaces => Lan ->edit -> advanced options -> Use Custom DNS servers and added the pihole server address (It was still empty).
Tested wiht nslookup on both machines. Before the change I got REFUSED for any domain while using as default.
After the change I got the answers while still using
On the rclone/pihole machine I got the good results while still using openwrt ( as default.

I don't understand yet why, but i'm happy it's working.

regards, Henk

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