OpenWrt Trunk is broken for ath79

Seriously no one notice that sending IPv6 UDP packets now crash the router as it runs out of memory?

I compile a clean copy of trunk and built it with LuCI and can reproduce it easily.
No one bothers to test nowadays?

Perhaps a description of your steps to reproduce would help. Effectively all you’ve done is post a single log.

It is in the wiki if you actually read

In the bugreport, not the wiki.

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bugreport -> 1st comment -> wiki

Using trunk with 32 RAM can easily be OOM.
Why not use 19.07. But still RAM is just enough.

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Run the test first, don't jump the gun. It is a kernel bug memory leak somewhere.
My WR1043NDv1 has 64MB of RAM and Trunk was working fine until recently

Did you mod the device? Mine has 32.

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I modded it a long time ago a stable,cheap and excellent mod requires soldering iron and good hands

To confirm, you're not running iperf on the device itself, correct?

42b3a3a89b iperf3: update to 3.7

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Nope I wrote the guide.

To my knowledge there are no regression tests in place for OpenWrt.

thanks a lot

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