OpenWrt & Travelmate: periodically dropouts

Hello together, hello Dirk
I'm in vacation currently and do have an issue with OpenWrt and Travelmate (1.49) on my RAVPower RP-WD03 device. (By the way; I use this device with OpenWrt & Travelmate the first time in vacation.)

Every few minutes, the WLAN will turn off for 15 to 30 seconds and then turn on again. I cannot say if this is an issue with OpenWrt or with Travelmate? I have this issue in different hotels with different Wifi-Networks.
I have already a look on the logs of Travelmate and I'm currently playing around with some settings in Travelmate...

Has anybody ( @dibdot ?) any suggestions how I could narrow this problem? (Dirk; if this could be a Travelmate issue, should we proceed in German together?)

Kind regards

Hi Roman,
please provide complete debug logs ... best by PM (english, deutsch, schweizerdeutsch - all OK) :wink:

Hi Dirk! :slight_smile:
Silly question; what do you mean with "complete debug logs"? Can I get them from the WebGUI or do I have to login to OpenWrt via SSH and then collect some logs?

Enable debug in Travelmate (Save & Apply), after that wait for the next outage ... ssh to your router and write the complete log to a text file, e.g. logread > /tmp/debug.log. Send this log to me - thanks!