OpenWrt to bridge WPA2 Enterprise into WPA2 Personal

Hello everybody.

Here's the deal:

I am currently doing a PhD in Denmark and I live in one of the university's building for students and staff. In all of those buildings, people only have access to internet via eduroam, which uses a WPA2 Enterprise security. The thing is, I am working on my spare time with some IoT devices that can only use WPA2 Personal security. My first thought was to use an old router to repeat the eduroam signal, but with a different SSID, credentials and security. It didn't work. After much time spent looking on Google, I ended up here. It seems the answer to my problem is right here, I just don't know exactly (yet).

Based on what I looked into so far, I can do what I want with OpenWRT. I checked among the supported devices and I found the Archer C7, which is in my price range and I can buy it in a store downtown. Does anyone have done what I want to do before (even with other devices)? Better yet, does anyone know if I can do it with the Archer C7?

Also, if anyone can point me in the right direction it will be deeply appreciated.

Happy holidays to all!

update: made a mistake, I don't want the C7, I am looking to buy a C20.

This is a common use case and basically any router running OpenWrt can do it. It's called the routed client. The main issue with it being an Enterprise network is that after installing OpenWrt you will need to temporarily connect the router to the Internet by some other means to upgrade the wpad package to the full version that supports Enterprise.

The Archer C7 (I assume you're looking at a V5) is a good model but it is becoming dated with its single core CPU. Performance would still be completely adequate for your application though. These should only be bought if they are cheap.

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Thanks, @mk24 !

I saw some routers from GL.iNet that seem to able to do the job. Do you happen to know if the Opal (GL-SFT1200) can do it?

Can you please elaborate a little bit? After I install the new firmware, I will also need to install an upgrade package? The wpad package? Then I am set?

Regarding the C7, I've made a mistake. I am looking to buy a C20 AC750. But it will do right?

update: not sure about the version, but I assume it to be the v5.

Hi, i'm Nico and i have the same issue but i would use fritz repeater 3000 but in general i'm interested in following the discussion also with the routers you mentioned, I want to be directed on the correct path to be able to use that reapeter with the WPA2 ENTERPRISE

I bought the C20 and I bricked the device. I don't have Windows, only Mac. I couldn't install TFTPD64 and I tried to use the native tftp and something went wrong.