OpenWrt system logs

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How can i get the system log in the openwrt? when i go to system log page through the interface i can see the data of 2 hours only and i need to get the logs for a week.

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it's a round robin stored in RAM, with a predefined max size ...


In system-system and then logs menu you can change max size of logs. Default is 64kb if I remember right.


thank you for the reply, i already have changed the size of the ram but the problem is i can only get the logs of the present time, if i restart the pc then i cant see the logs of the previous one, is there a way to get the full logs

thanks you are right, but as i described in the previous comment i want to get the full logs as of now i can get only the logs of the present time but if i restart or turn off the PC i cant get those logs.

Because logs are kept in RAM, reboot wipes them out. You might log to a file, in case you have an SD-card or similar installed.
But you can setup 'remote logging' to a full server, running syslog-ng or rsyslog.

thank you so much, unfortunately in my x86 pc there is no slot for SD-card,but i have a hard drive how can i store the data there through the web interface?

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In a PC there is really no exhausted flash memory problem as in routers when you have real hard drives.

To make and save real log files in the router you put a real file address in the file box in luci log menu.

not sure what you are implying, but if you mean you want to store the syslog files on your PC from your router you will need to install a syslog daemon on your PC and configure openwrt to send the syslog messages to your syslog daemon on your PC. If you are running linux on your PC this is easy as it's already there. If you are using Windows you will need to find a syslog server and install it. There are a few opensource windows syslog servers you can download and install. To collect syslog data on your PC you will need to leave the PC running on all the time.

If you want to permanently store the information your router then your router will need to have a USB port so you can plug in a USB thumbdrive and store it on the thumbdrive permanently.

sorry for the misconception but my pc is x86 pc which is running the openwrt in it, my pc itself is running the Openwrt and acting as a full pledged router