Openwrt switching query

Hi all

Im trying to understand the switch config on my wrt 1200 v2

By default, there are 2 vlans, didnt quite understand:

  • Why is CPU1 'off' on VLAN1 (LAN) ?
  • Why is CPU0 'off' on VLAN2 (WAN)?

Shouldnt both CPUs be set to ON (tagged) on all VLANs.

No, the configuration is correct. You need one VLAN for the LAN traffic and another VLAN for the WAN traffic. The first one connects all the LAN ports with one CPU port, and the other one connects the WAN port with the other CPU port.

If you activate both VLANs on both CPU, you would be bridging (instead of routing) LAN and WAN.

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Some ISPs hand out dual Public IPs on bridge mode. If that was the case one could configifure LAN4 as WAN VLAN aswell with CPU1.

If you had tagged VLANs coming into the WAN port from the ISP there are two possibilities, either set them both to go tagged into CPU1 then use eth1.x and eth1.y as separate interfaces, or set the switch to hardware switch one of the WAN VLANs out to another port which goes to a separate router.

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