OpenWrt support for Zyxel WSQ50

I have a Zyxel WSQ50 (AC3000 multy x) Router and I gotta say: the firmware sucks. So I'm looking for an alternative and I wanna try OpenWrt.
Problem is: my device has unknown status for OpenWrt support as far as I found. I also didn't find any ways to install custom firmware on it.
Now I'm wondering if anybody found a way to do so and could give me a rundown for the process or nows whether or not this is even possible.


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Hardware specs for reference:

Based on that information, the hardware should be supportable - but someone (e.g. you) needs to do the developing work.

Have a spare one of these I'd be willing to lend out to someone with the expertise to get it working.

Will try to keep an eye on the forum, but just in case:
openwrt :a:T

Hi folks, did anyone get any further with this?

I've got 3x WSQ50's and I'm now utterly sick of their stock firmware's inability to change their WiFi channels.

Unless another access point is sat right next to them on the same channel when the WSQ50 boots up, they all default to channel 4 on 2.4 GHz and channel 42 on 5 GHz.

Zyxel themselves have said they will intentionally not allow manually setting the WiFI channels unless you buy a different (even more expensive) product. Disgusting.