OpenWrt support for Xiaomi AX9000

Updated to openwrt-23.05-snapshot-r23424, changed wifi's a few times after running iPerf tests, crashed again in exactly the same way, completely reproducible.

Just another user of AX9000 here.... (not a openwrt dev)

I noticed the firmware you mentioned is ax3600 not ax9000. So you have ax3600 or ax9000?

Also did everything work for you in rc2 prior to the upgrade?

And when I setup my SSIDs, I don't "tag" any of the SSIDs. I jsut specify the network to which each SSID is attached. And the network belongs to one of the VLANs. So no direct tagging / untagging is done when I define my SSIDs for each of my VLANs....

(I am still using rc2, but no issue with VLANs)

Sorry you're completely right I accidentally posted in the wrong thread.

Yes you're right about the terminology about network vs tag. The VLANs work fine before the crash..

Hi! Just wanted to check if there is any update for the global version? Just got mine and not sure what to do, keep the old one openwrt router for now or move forward with uart flashing with ax9000.

uart flashing is still tbe only verfied succesfull installation method for the international version.


Did you guys find the fix for this problem?

I am running 25.03 RC3 now and still an issue, the same with RC2.

Any ideas,recommendation please?

I'm currently running the version shown below as dumb AP. You can see the uptime and still have not encountered the issue, hopefully this version is stable.

I'm running radio2 without any problems with 25.03 RC3 on channel 6. Radio 1 is on channel 149 and radio2 on channel 44.

That sounds awesome. Care to share?