OpenWrt support for Xiaomi AX9000

AX9000 has SMB v1. Any idea to make SMB v3?

Once OpenWrt is running on this device (and you can follow its state in this thread), you can install samba4 or cifsd, the OEM firmware is off-topic for this thread (and not reasonably possible anyways).

It's the RX/receive that doesn't do anything pre-hacks right? We should see boot logs off UART before doing anything else yes?

I think I hurt my board. I'd tried running a 3.3V based adapter a couple weeks back before this thread got started, just briefly for a second, to see if I saw anything. Since, I bought a 1.8V capable adapter (DSD Tech SH-U09A1, based off CP2102) but the AX9000's LED's dont even turn on if i try to power up with the usb-serial adapter connected on GND and TX. Pretty sure something went bad, but looking to confirm. Seems like a weird failure mode but at a loss for other things to check.

Yes, you can see the bootlog but you cannot write.

I had a fun time with a 5V TTL adapter on my AX3600 (big d'oh!). Surprisingly it was happy for a couple of days till I pulled it after reading a hint here. In the process of making a level shifter I also encountered what you see, the board dead with the adapter connected. This happened with the following circuit

Made a different 2-transistor circuit and it worked fine. Weirdly at one point uboot was running at 4 Mbaud - if I set the 5v adapter to 4 Mbaud I could pause boot and get a few characters correctly echoed back, but the incoming 1.8v to the 5v adapter I assune was just to weak at 4 Mbaud to work properly. Kernel output was still fine at 115200.

You could try plugging just GND and router TX to your 3.3v adapter and see if you still get an output as before. There's then the possibility your adapter is based on the circuit above.

Thanks. Keep follow this tread for the completed OpenWRT firmware.

Hi everyone

will it be possible to change the colors of the led in ax9000?


You can do that now, simply change the top LED-s to get the RGB color you want.

with telnet? or scp?

Over SSH, just go to /sys/class/leds

And you will see the top LEDs with the respective color in the name.
Just echo 255 to brightness to which one you want.

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Thank you freind

Has the community got the AX9000 working properly with OpenWRT yet?

Is it worth me picking one up yet, if so is their any hardware variations of the AX9000 that I should try to buy.


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No, the main QCN9074 radio that provides most of the 5GHz channels is not working yet.

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@Apache14 I have been trying to get PCI working under 5.13 for a while now.
It's kind of driving me crazy why the hell does it not work there, I even copied the clock driver and it still does not work.

No idea how the hell does it work under OpenWrt.

Good news:Mi is going to release the source code.


Can you point to the news article?

It's just a Xiaomi engineer posted on weibo.

No official statement yet.

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Ahhh, tbh I don't think they will open any source code that will be actually useful to our ports. And don't dream that it will be happened these days.
So don't get your hopes up.

(OMG they thought they made such a great contribution as they will release the source code. I almost forget what is the GPL license.)

Yeah, I expect just the kernel to be released.
That could prove usefull if they have quirks.

Well, they dont really care about licensing at all.

That's insane, unfortunately iv had no time to even start the AX3600 in the last 2 weeks :frowning:

Ill try get some time next week to look at ath11k memory usage and help with PCIE

As these are DWC based PCIE controllers has anything thing changed in the supporting DWC code ?