OpenWrt support for Xiaomi AX9000

I'm trying to control the router LEDs using the uledd package, through ubus calls.

ubus call led set '{ "leds": { "red:top:status": [0, 255], "green:top:status": [255, 0] }, "on": 2000, "off": 2000, "fade": 1 }'
ubus call led set '{ "leds": { "red:top:status": 0, "blue:top:status": 255 } }'
ubus call led set '{ "leds": { "blue:system:status": 0, "yellow:system:status": 255 } }'

None of these commands got a change. @robimarko , could you share any insight?

Seriously, what does that thing have to do with HW support?

It's one of the lacking support functionalities, to use the leds as a tool for diagnostics or system status, with PWM support. I'm trying to create the scripts aiming that.

The ubus calls don't seem to have effects as expected. If the root-cause is lack of HW support or a bug, is beyond my knowledge. That's why I asked for a second opinion.

There is no HW PWM support, so it would make sense that it doesn't work

DM me i can help you with the Debricking

For those searching a fully packed firmware image, based on the @robimarko IPQ807X code, with the all specific packages you would need, check this topic: IPQ807x OpenWrt Sysupgrade Server

Straight from the LuCI webpage, using the luci-app-attendedsysupgrade package (also known as Attended Sysupgrade). No need to compile firmware or packages by yourself.

@robimarko would you put this info in the first post?

now working again..thx


its working I'm building openwrt image based on robi usb phone tethering,usb modem,multiwan manager,passwall,ssr plus and openclash (vpn core xray,trojan)..i tried flashing openwrt image based on immortalwrt repo..xiaomi ax9000 wont boot openwrt and become bricked at first place

That OpenWRT fork does not have any kind of support for AX9000, neither the overall IPQ807x routers. That's why it "bricked".

It's working like a charm using immortalwrt fork (immoutowrt) for my xiaomi ax3600 and my friend's redmi ax6

Neither the default branch or the master one has code for IPQ807x.

Don't know how and here that code is available, but the support effort is taken by robimarko. This thread is not about other firmwares or support on how to unbrick from those. Contact directly its developer.


im sharing my experience so far..after doing sysupgrade few times ax9000 won't flash new openwrt image..disabling wpad also not working..i need to brick ax9000 on purpose..then simply boot from initramfs version and finally can sysupgrade using my own openwrt image based on robi far only this method is working if i want to try change new openwrt img on my ax9000

@robimarko I am just catching up as my AX3600 decided to have an antenna fall off :confused:

Does the AX9000 still have the 2nd radio bug ? (couldn't work out the current status from the thread here)

No, the radio works but the BDF from stock FW doesn't allow connecting for some reason.
Using the generic one does work though.

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ax9000 wifi 6 high band 5Ghz 160Mhz not there any workaround like low band 5Ghz?bdf replacement perhaps?

5G band is split between 2 radios

Check the wiki, there is everything that you need to know about this router and its updated support status:

Including that known issue and workaround.

Has been put an enormous effort to make that wiki page a one-top-shop for these Xiaomi routers.

Reading the wiki, does than mean we can flash the intl. version even with secure boot on ?

EDIT : Reading the thread so atf variable in nvram bypasses the secure boot checks .... because qcom is gunna qcom :+1:

im using fw img based on robi+immortalwrt merge there any steps to expand storage like ax3600???

What is the purpose of ImmortalWrt?