OpenWrt support for Xiaomi AX9000

maybe to have something created out of Europe :wink: ... i can't believe they invest in so much as the software ... I get it is the ecosystem that goes around it (phones, iot etc)

Well, we had that already, didn't we?
Are you willing to pay 2-3 times more for the same things, just to have them made in EU?

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well? perhaps once we get our own chip factories etc back they used to be ... we (& the US) taught them

That's more of a nice wish than reality, you have IC fabs all over the world.
It's just that high-end stuff can only be made in one place, and that's Taiwan.

It's not like networking SoC-s use fancy nodes, those are made where they are cheaper.

You still haven't answered whether you are willing to pay way more for stuff made in EU?
There is a reason why only high end stuff is made here, and that is because other places do it way cheaper

We have harsh times no doubt. But things and a lot of some have been sourced from China for a good while - not too many complained.
Facing the reality not much in consumer electronics works w/o China parts at all.

yes I am willing to pay more (slightly) if it is opensource.... i looked at the fritz boxes which I like the concept but it doesn't feel they go fast enough probably investing too much on the ecosystem / software ... really I think one has to go in this market as phones .... new hw release every year with latest scom at a reasonable price + openwrt .

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Well, that's the thing, in order for things to be made locally it would have to cost not slightly more but a lot more, like probably 2-3 times more.

There is no open-source networking gear, Fritz(AVM) is not open-source or like at all.
They even have their bootloader that you have to replace first.

fritz it is not locked yet though ..but yeah get your point

its a bummer nothing can be done with these. i got 1 international and 1 china version. when i ordered the second one it was supposed to be a china version but they sent me the international even though i asked three times if it was china version so even ordering from china they still have the international and some sellers will ship those instead. it was even advertised as china version. aliexpress told me i had to ship it back to try to get a refund even though it was not as promised.

i've extracted the der files from the international firwmware files. How to I append it to the openwrt nand factory ? just by using dd or changing the "target/linux/ipq807x/image/" to include the certs

here's a snipped of the 6 certs

        Version: 3 (0x2)
        Serial Number: 1 (0x1)
        Signature Algorithm: sha256WithRSAEncryption
            Not Before: Apr 12 02:54:00 2021 GMT
            Not After : Mar 19 02:54:00 2121 GMT
        Subject: C = CN, ST = CA, L = BEIJING, O = XIAOMI, OU = 04 0000 OEM_ID + OU = 07 0001 SHA256 + OU = 06 0025 MODEL_ID + OU = 05 005D6C3C SW_SIZE + OU = 01 0000000000000017 SW_ID + OU = 02 000DD0E100000025 HW_ID + OU = 03 0000000000000000 DEBUG, CN = MIWIFI ATTESTATION

I don't think that is gonna work, U-boot will most probably check the signature that is part of the FIT image, not certificates inside of the rootfs.

thx ... so how I would add the certs to the fit image? I am looking at other models and can't find anything so far

Well, you cant, singing is done by mkimage using a private certificate and that's it.
You dont append certificates or anything like that, and you especially dont ship that private certificate in your rootfs.

Can you share the international FW image, we can easily check whats in the FIT that U-boot reads.


sure & thx

the binwalk for this 3.0.40 image against the kernel

binwalk img-1963820375_vol-kernel.ubifs

40            0x28            Flattened device tree, size: 6159512 bytes, version: 17
272           0x110           gzip compressed data, maximum compression, has original file name: "Image", from Unix, last modified: 2021-08-08 11:54:10
4125248       0x3EF240        Flattened device tree, size: 86455 bytes, version: 17
4211980       0x40450C        Flattened device tree, size: 80407 bytes, version: 17
4292664       0x418038        Flattened device tree, size: 86970 bytes, version: 17
4379912       0x42D508        Flattened device tree, size: 80416 bytes, version: 17
4460604       0x44103C        Flattened device tree, size: 86929 bytes, version: 17
4547812       0x4564E4        Flattened device tree, size: 81468 bytes, version: 17
4629556       0x46A434        Flattened device tree, size: 87429 bytes, version: 17
4717264       0x47FAD0        Flattened device tree, size: 82101 bytes, version: 17
4799644       0x493C9C        Flattened device tree, size: 86750 bytes, version: 17
4886672       0x4A9090        Flattened device tree, size: 81669 bytes, version: 17
4968620       0x4BD0AC        Flattened device tree, size: 81011 bytes, version: 17
5049908       0x4D0E34        Flattened device tree, size: 81011 bytes, version: 17
5131196       0x4E4BBC        Flattened device tree, size: 82244 bytes, version: 17
5213716       0x4F8E14        Flattened device tree, size: 89050 bytes, version: 17
5303044       0x50EB04        Flattened device tree, size: 85782 bytes, version: 17
5389104       0x523B30        Flattened device tree, size: 87869 bytes, version: 17
5477252       0x539384        Flattened device tree, size: 80451 bytes, version: 17
5557980       0x54CEDC        Flattened device tree, size: 80407 bytes, version: 17
5638664       0x560A08        Flattened device tree, size: 87271 bytes, version: 17
5726212       0x576004        Flattened device tree, size: 80195 bytes, version: 17
5806684       0x589A5C        Flattened device tree, size: 86114 bytes, version: 17
5893076       0x59EBD4        Flattened device tree, size: 87275 bytes, version: 17
5980628       0x5B41D4        Flattened device tree, size: 86740 bytes, version: 17
6067644       0x5C95BC        Flattened device tree, size: 87557 bytes, version: 17
6159808       0x5DFDC0        Certificate in DER format (x509 v3), header length: 4, sequence length: 1193
6161005       0x5E026D        Certificate in DER format (x509 v3), header length: 4, sequence length: 1020
6162029       0x5E066D        Certificate in DER format (x509 v3), header length: 4, sequence length: 971
6166248       0x5E16E8        Certificate in DER format (x509 v3), header length: 4, sequence length: 1193
6167445       0x5E1B95        Certificate in DER format (x509 v3), header length: 4, sequence length: 1020
6168469       0x5E1F95        Certificate in DER format (x509 v3), header length: 4, sequence length: 971

You linked the chinese FW

sorry ... my chinese is not the best :wink:

They are doing some weird stuff as I cannot get the U-boot FIT properly parsed

thx Robi can anyone at all dump all of the mtd's out of the chinese version ?

Hi @robimarko
What would be your recommended way of getting all new ath11k patches and fixes into your repo?
We use backports 5.15.8 with some of the recent fixed fixes included, but not all.
Shall we add them as separate & additional patches to the backports or is there another way?