OpenWrt support for Xiaomi AX3000T

just a followup, it arrived today and there is RD03 printed on the box and the device itself, did not get EU plug as mentioned in the listing but US plug, will now follow the guides, came with fw 1.0.47

BTW the original chinese router administration web interface runs at {ip address}/cgi-bin/luci/ :slight_smile: EDIT: Oh, of course, that's probably why the guide with enabling ssh and flashing works. Didn't check it before in detail so didn't realize original fw is openwrt based.

I still waiting benchmarks between stock firmware and openwrt to make my decision if I upgrade to Openwrt or if I stay on stock. :grinning:

Everything worked, used the curl shell script to get ssh, then flashed initramfs-factory.ubi from snapshot as per guide and then went directly for 23.05.3 sysupgrade.bin by @Ser9ei , many thanks. Did not use _factory.ubi from there as it does not have initramfs in the name so was not sure it is the same thing.
Now I turned off my older router and using this thing instead, both speed and coverage is better then I had before :slight_smile: The only thing I miss from old router is pair of USB ports.

Anyone here having problem to do a full backup using the "EasyMode"?
I aways receive a error message:

ERROR: SSH execute command timed out! CMD: "dd if=/dev/mtd0 of=/tmp/mtd_dump.bin"

You may be waiting a long time as connecting stock to the internet forces an auto upgrade to the latest firmware and most people unlocking this are using the previous firmware.

Anyway installed using xmir-patcher, currently learning about changing uboot

Hi all,

I used dimfish'es builds to flash the xiaomi X3000T. Everything is OK but I see that there have been no updates since December. Is it better to switch to the snapshot? and how can I proceed without causing damage?


You mean you can't downgrade the latest firmware? I still haven't received mine, but I'm planning to test stock vs openwrt.

If everything is OK then why do you want to change it? Did you check ?

the build of stable 23.05.3 from mentioned above worked for me and is "newer" if that's what you are after.

simple sysupgrade (step 5. here should work with correct sysupgrade bin file matching your uboot choice

I followed the flash instructions step by step, I'm certain the file /tmp/openwrt-mediatek-filogic-xiaomi_mi-router-ax3000t-initramfs-factory.ubi exists and its sha256sum is correct, after step 4 then reboot I can no longer get an IP from the router, I've tried setting a manual IP to access openwrt but no luck. What did I do wrong? I did copy the backup stock partitions on step 2.

Can I reset the router without UART? Is there a way to change the boot sequence from the reset button so I can go back to stock?

root@XiaoQiang:~# cat /proc/cmdline
console=ttyS0,115200n1 loglevel=8 swiotlb=512 rootfstype=squashfs firmware=0 mtd=ubi
root@XiaoQiang:~# ubiformat /dev/mtd9 -y -f /tmp/openwrt-mediatek-filogic-xiaomi_mi-router-ax3000t-initramfs-factory.ubi
ubiformat: mtd9 (nand), size 35651584 bytes (34.0 MiB), 272 eraseblocks of 131072 bytes (128.0 KiB), min. I/O size 2048 bytes
libscan: scanning eraseblock 271 -- 100 % complete  
ubiformat: 180 eraseblocks have valid erase counter, mean value is 0
ubiformat: warning!: 92 of 272 eraseblocks contain non-UBI data
ubiformat: warning!: only 180 of 272 eraseblocks have valid erase counter
ubiformat: mean erase counter 0 will be used for the rest of eraseblock
ubiformat: use erase counter 0 for all eraseblocks
ubiformat: flashing eraseblock 65 -- 100 % complete  
ubiformat: formatting eraseblock 271 -- 100 % complete  
root@XiaoQiang:~# nvram set boot_wait=on
root@XiaoQiang:~# nvram set uart_en=1
root@XiaoQiang:~# nvram set flag_boot_rootfs=1
root@XiaoQiang:~# nvram set flag_last_success=1
root@XiaoQiang:~# nvram set flag_boot_success=1
root@XiaoQiang:~# nvram set flag_try_sys1_failed=0
root@XiaoQiang:~# nvram set flag_try_sys2_failed=0
root@XiaoQiang:~# nvram commit
root@XiaoQiang:~# reboot
root@XiaoQiang:~# Connection to closed by remote host.
Connection to closed.

did you try more ethernet ports? someone here had same issue and it was due to using WAN port as the stock firmware has different setup of ports than openwrt

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Oh wow thank you so much! I was using port 4 (from left to right) and changed it to 3, everything worked perfectly. I've tried the other ports then went back to port 4 and it works now, super weird because it didn't work even after multiple reboots. Now port 1 doesn't work so I assume it's the the WAN port for openwrt.

I was preparing to debrick it, so thanks again for saving me a few hours. Can you please tell me if those warning are ok when I excuted ubiformat, no need to reflash?

ubiformat: warning!: 92 of 272 eraseblocks contain non-UBI data
ubiformat: warning!: only 180 of 272 eraseblocks have valid erase counter

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yes stock openwrt have the ports order inverted and from what i read they cannot be remapped, maybe it's better to specify in the howto to use middle ports that are always lan ports.

Why is this not possible?

Good Idea, I wrote it into the Wiki under step 4.

Is downgrading not working anymore?
I made a post in another area of this forum before noticing htere was a thread for this router.