OpenWrt support for Xiaomi AX3000T

I also got good Wifi speeds (802.11ax@80MHz) close to the AX3000T (line of sight, same room).

However when testing WiFi speed in another room with a brick wall between the device (iPhone 13 Pro) and the AX3000T, Wifi speeds were really bad. If possible, could you please test AX3000T WiFi speeds in another room, especially upload speeds?

I am wondering this device is suffering the same issue as the Redmi AX6S/Xiaomi AX3200/Belkin RT2000, which was only solved after disabling 160MHz support from the build - details below:

When I have time I will do additional tests with the AX3000T and apply the workarounds in the above thread to see if it improves the Wifi speeds in this situation.