OpenWrt support for WAX206

@sumo is there some way we can help or test your WAX206 build?

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Sorry, was busy with other stuff and at the ELCE in Dublin this week. But I will try to wrap it up and do a first merge request so you guys may give it a try as well.

Nice mate. Thanks. I was thinking about picking one of these routers up. If things are looking good after some people test out your build think I will pull the trigger.

Hello, do you have any news on the topic? I would like to support your efforts to port Openwrt to the wax206.

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I think this project is dead sadly, we should switch to wax202 which was added recently...

roll up your sleeves, and dig in ... there's no such thing as a free lunch.

Sorry, just rather busy with lots of other stuff. I did actually try to get it working upstream but so far that just hangs during boot while OpenWrt with 5.15 kernel at least boots. Let me just push whatever I have there in the hopes others may at least start testing. Thanks for your patience!


thank you for the time spent on this.

did you manage to include the Realtek 2.5GbE uplink port module ?

Okay, I pushed whatever little I had:

Currently, this gives me the following on the 2.5GbE WAN port:

[    3.453783] mt7530 mdio-bus:00 wan (uninitialized): validation of  with support 0000000,00000000,00006000 and advertisement 0000000,00000000,00000000 failed: -22
[    3.468280] mt7530 mdio-bus:00 wan (uninitialized): failed to connect to PHY: -EINVAL
[    3.476107] mt7530 mdio-bus:00 wan (uninitialized): error -22 setting up PHY for tree 0, switch 0, port 5

Disclaimer: I only ever tried loading the initramfs via TFTP. The partitioning/sysupgrade stuff is not yet done!



I will setup a new build enviorenment and give it a try these days.