OpenWrt support for WAX206

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile: Oh, I'm absolutely not able to do anything except upload the firmware as it was the case with WAX202 :slight_smile: In OpenWrt itself I then get along fine with everything I need etc. So it would be great to get a working image. Is the already foreseeable until when there will be a factory image for WAX206? Is it already to see until when there will be a factory image for WAX206? What is the status of the work? But you can say that OpenWrt works with WAX206 as well as with WAX202 until now?

The merge request is here: you can check the status there. Once this merge is approved "official" snapshot builds will be created by the build system. Everything works fine, the only exception is the 2.5G wan port. The builds from the pr will build an image the supports 1gb only. To get 2.5gb you'll need to make a few changes to the dts file to force 2.5gb and then that port will only work at 2.5gb speeds.

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That sound great. Then it is the only thing that 2.5gb is not working, but therefore the WLAN is much better.... this is what I need :slight_smile:

So it would be great if I could get an image. Can I later upgrade to the supported one when it becomes available?

Yes sure! Just send me direct message and I’ll send you the factory to OpenWrt image.

Ps: The WAX206 is way better than the 202 in my tests.

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Looks like I'm too stupid to send you a direct message. I can't find how to do it :frowning: Can you help me? :slight_smile:

Click on his user name in one of his posts.

Here you are: r21758 openwrt-mediatek-mt7622-netgear_wax206-squashfs-factory.img


Great, thank you so much !!!

Thnx, flashed my EU 206 via the UI, worked just fine.

One annoyance seem to be the 160MHz channels cannot be selected,
but it might be intentional, this is my 1st AX device.

Oh, if you asked me earlier to have a build/image, I would linked it earlier :smiley:

160MHz works, select something like channel 36 and after 160Mhz. But it slower than 2x2 80Mhz on iDevices.

NP, I could have built my own, just too lazy :wink:

What I've seen there are only three 160Mhz channels, 50, 114 and 163, everything else should be narrower.
But what do I know, I'm an AX virgin :wink:

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Oh, it was working in the previous build, now not anymore, and the auto selection picks the ch100.

Thnx for confirming, then I don't have to investigate it further :wink:

I do have many channels at 160 MHz but the 3 You mention - maybe it's all about country code?

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Definitely. If you have a very recent iwinfo package, it'll even give you that info.

Those flags in [] are new, and are dependent on the county code/regdb, but luci doesn't use that info yet to prevent offering channels that won't work.

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Could be, and I obviously didn't try all the combinations, but noticed radio didn't come up at all if I picked a non-160 chan combined with 160MHz.

I based my amount of 160 frequencies on info posted at Wikipedia, it might be incorrect and/or outdated.

Do you have a country code for the radio defined?

yep, it's in the screen shot, if you look carefully :wink:

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try with US, I've always used it because "yes it's better" (we are thinking to much about human safety here in EU :smiley: )

I'm not trying to be the party pooper here, but that's not just "yes it's better", it's also a deliberate failure to comply with regulations, i.e. breaking the law.
Maybe don't tell others to do so without at least warning them what that implies.