OpenWrt support for Wawlink wl-wn532ac3

Hi, i am using Wawlink wl-wn532ac but no openwrt support. I wonder if support is provided?

According to unofficial information, the features are written as follows

Ram: 512 mb
Flash: 64 mb

Device Official Web Site Here:

Thank you all.

Anybody here?

Please help

if it's not supported, how can we provide support ?

Catch 22, innit ?

Can these be easily bought, or bought at all? I see very little on a Google search. Developer interest in a model depends on it being in current production, or having a lot of them already in the world.

The 10/100 ports suggest it is likely MT7620 or MT7628 based. Which is underpowered for modern use. Memory size in Mb converts to 8/64 MB, also nothing to write home about.


Thank u all for this replies...