OpenWrt support for Wavlink wl-wn531ax2

I did a quick search, but haven't found anything on anyone working on this cheap ax router.

I have 3 and I've been reading the openwrt docs for getting new hardware. It seems like I will need to open up one of them and see what the boards look like to find JTAG or UART access.

Does anyone else have this ax router model ? And/or anyone with dev experience?

4 screws and it's open. I didn't even realize it had buttons on the front until after opening it.

mt7621a shouldn't be too difficult to get working.

I'm sure that was supposed to happen...

Now with the other one off...

I think this is MT7975DN and MT7905DAN

Really hard to read this, but I think it is MT7621AT

Serial console is top left on the 1st pic, in the 2nd last post, by the capacitor.
Pins even have markings, makes it easy to hook it up.

The main firmware was LEDE.

Here's the information that was extract from firmware:

DISTRIB_TAINTS='no-all busybox'

Did you ported openwrt to this router? Can you share your build config?

This is a different device.

My bad.... :frowning: