OpenWrt support for Udoo neo

Hello OpenWRT team,

Has anyone able to support Udoo Neo board ?

Udoo Neo is a Cortex-A9 architecture from NXP i.MX6. Its moderately powerful board with one Ethernet and One Wifi interface on a Full version of hardware.

So far when i built the target generic, i never get to any sdcard images.

Any idea how to boot Openwrt on this?

Much appreciated.


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I have it almost ready, tested on the "extended/full" version (btw, it got officially EOL recently). I'm planning to finish and push support for whole series this or next week (busy with other tasks at the moment).

Do you have the "full" version and would like to do some testing?

Edit: I forgot that I have the "full" version :slight_smile:


please let me know the branch. i have the base version with just ethernet. I can still test it out.

I'd be interested to test this.

I have a Udoo Neo (it's nice because it will run on 12 VDC and has CANbus, so good for cars & boats).


Any update so far? Eagerly waiting to test.


Sorry, I've been busy with other things, plan to work on that this week.

Hi, Its been a long time. Have you happened to add support for this in OpenWRT?

I have been able to get the final firmware image, but u-boot wont show up on the serial. (vanilla udoo ubuntu boots however).