OpenWrt support for TP-Link Deco M4R

Hi, just a stupid question: is the openwrt for m4r support open mesh?

There are no specific mesh packages for the M4R.

OpenWrt supports meshes.

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hi, my m4r v2.0 is in the firmware "1.5.4 Build 20220113 Rel. 38349".
I tried to follow this instructions, but I fail at the upgrade debug file.
is there other way to work?

You can always open the device, solder three wires and access the uart interface with a usb-to-ttl dongle.

thanks for the info.
but I have no exp about how to use uart.
do you have any links to study them?

First you need to solder some cables:

You should also read this to not damage your device: OpenWrt support for TP-Link Deco M4R - #45 by bobthebuilder

And I wrote down somewhere how to flash the device via the bootloader, but I can't find where. If you go the route of soldering then I'll go and search for the instructions.

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Hi guys, i just found that the Deco M4R is supported by OpenWRT, my only question is, how do i find out what version (v1,v2 or v3) i have?

You may look under your router and find the sticker that says "Model: Deco M4R(region) Ver:X.X.
You may also visit the router's web interface (make sure it is the master Deco) and navigate to Advanced -> System -> Firmware Upgrade and it will show every Deco's hardware version.

Thx, in system setting it says "M4R(2.0)" so i guess mine is v2 then.. Which should working on latest supported firmware?

V2 should work. Try following the instructions (and be careful) from here.

Thx dude, will have a look.

Hi, after solder the cables, which file should I use to flash via UART?
in case I use CH341a to dump and program the rom, which file should I use?

Simply the newest sysupgrade.

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Hi. New here, have little experience with openwrt, have worked more in the past flashing my routers with dd-wrt but i'm ready for something new. I have the same M4 v2.0 and firmware "1.5.4 Build 20220113 Rel. 38349". than fanha99 and since the 3 devices i'm working with aren't mine and i wouldn't dare bricking one, I wonder if there is any updates on how it goes from there. The stock firmware just went crazy two weeks ago and the link between the 3 wired ap dropped and one of them reset himself to factory default causing issues on the network. I'm really into flashing them with OpenWrt but not into messing with the solder iron for that one. Thanks for the awesome work u do guys.

The debug firmware method is only needed for initially flashing the device (going from stock to OpenWrt). Once you are running OpenWrt you can simply upgrade it using sysupgrade, you don't need to mess with MTD anymore.