OpenWrt support for TP-LINK Archer C58HP AC1350 v1


I'm new here and i'm looking for a firmware for my Archer c58hp but I couldn't find it.
Is it possible C58 could be compatible with C58HP?

Here are the specifications:
C58: (
C58HP: (
C58HP IN-Photos: (

Looks like they are kinda similars. May someone help me please??

If they are not compatible, is it possible someone kindly port please??

Thank you very much!

You're the only one who owns that device at this point, therefore you'd be the only one who could do the porting.

Don't blindly assume that the devices would be compatible, just because their hardware is roughly similar. Usually at least the hardware ID and very often the flash partitioning will differ even on otherwise identical devices - and trying to force-flashing the wrong firmware has a huge chance to hard-brick this device.

Wow, doesn't seems to be much hope in this so...

What should I do then to start this challenge?

start by obtaining serial port access, or get a different, supported, device.

Oh God. I guess it means buying an specific cable to do this, am I right?


and do some soldering - the serial port are probably the four holes by the smaller of the two shielded chips.

unfortunately it's also very common for tp-link to cripple the serial port access, forcing you to not only solder the pins/holes/connectors, but also do some additional soldering.

Soldering is easy for me. I have the implements to do it. Bad thing here is need to buy a serial cable for doing "some experiments". It's a pretty expensive router here :confounded: (everything is expensive here indeed)

I don't get it, it's a powerfull device, very stable conection, very powerfull signal, 2 bands, and nobody ported OpenWrt or any other firmware for this one?? :sob:

Well, you might be on to something there, if it's expensive, not everyone will be willing to risk a brick in the openwrt support(ability) process.

and if it's your only router device .... it's even worse.

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You're so right!