OpenWrt support for Sercomm SHG1500

hi my name is giulio from italy. i m looking for the way to install generic firmware for sgh1500.
can you help me? there are italian guys?

There is no such thing as a 'generic' version of OpenWrt for embedded targets like mips or arm. If you want to see your device to be supported by OpenWrt, you'll have to go the long way round and port it to your device properly.

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thx for reply. is possible unlock my router? can you write me your email or whatsapp?

GPL sources seem to be available, see

I have a couple of these devices. I have unsoldered the NAND flash from one of them and I have been able to read small parts of it with a homemade circuit with Arduino.

From the CFE, I found that the board ID of this device is 96362ADVNgr. The bootline is the following:

e= h= g= r=f f=vmlinux i=bcm963xx_fs_kernel d=0 p=1 s=1 l=5 w=2  /dev/brcmboard r+  	
 %02x:%02x:%02x:%02x:%02x:%02x %c%c:%c%c:%c%c:%c%c:%c%c:%c%c FATAL: kernel too old

I have no idea how big is the CFE, because it does not look as it ends after 131072 bytes (as I found others to be). The good part is that a potentially unlocked CFE from Netgear DGND4000 may be flashed on this NAND. The mentioned device uses the same SoC and SHG1500 board ID is probably supported by that CFE (it can be found in the binary file). CFE for DGND4000 is available from GPL sources at

Binary file DGND4000_V1015_20140519\\DGND4000_V1.1.00.15_WW_src.tar.bz2\DGND4000_V1.1.00.15_WW_src.tar\DGND4000_V1.1.00.15_WW_src\Source\image\\DGND4000.bin starts with the CFE.

Unfortunately there seems to be no easy way to flash a new CFE on this NAND while it is on the mainboard.