OpenWrt support for RE365

Do you know when I can have a compability for my device TP-LINK RE365 ?
That would be practical for my usage of this device !
Thanks you and have a good day !
(Sorry for my English, I'm french :wink: )

Hardware specs for reference:

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You can check that yourself, is it listed here:

If not, then it isn't supported - which might imply it never getting supported at all (unless you do the porting yourself).

While it shouldn't be too hard to support that hardware, I wouldn't recommend to buy it either - at all.

I'm also interested in porting OpenWrt to this device. I have one available which I can use for testing.
As far as I saw this device is similar to RE305v1, RE350v1 and RE305v3.
I assume I have to add the device to target/linux/ramips/image/ Questions:

  • Is this the correct entry to start?
  • If yes: how to figure out the image size?
  • how can I avoid bricking my device during testing?